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Sara Cortez, Manager MM 35935Sara Cortez, Manager
MM 35935

Why choose Sara Cortez, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and Licensed Esthetician (LE)?

A firm believer in the integral connection between mind and body, Sara is a proponent of massage therapy for relieving both physical and emotional stress. She strongly believes in massage as a viable modality for enhancing overall health and well-being. Every tailored session enhances the body’s natural healing response and boosts the immune system. Sara has certifications in several modalities that can be combined to create a unique and personal synthesis for each individual. She encourages her clients to be active participants in their healing process by demonstrating and recommending the use of home remedies. She delivers a calming holistic massage where clients can unwind and relax. Some of Sara’s clients have found relief from migraines, tension headaches, shoulder and lower back pain. She has also worked with athletes using focused pre and post sports massage. Her clients have had many unimaginable results from acute and chronic pain. Her skilled massaging techniques enhance the quality of life of her clients.

Graduating class of 2009 from American Institute of Massage Therapy
National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) certified since 2009
Spray and Stretch from the NeuroMuscular Therapy & Training (NMT) Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Licensed and Certified in the following modalities:
Trigger Point Therapy
Myofascial release
Hot Stones
Healing and breathing techniques from Supreme Science Qigong Foundation
CPR certified for healthcare providers of Florida
Personal Trainer from the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT)
Esthetician from Sheridan Technical College of Hollywood Florida
Dermalogica Expert from International of Dermal Institute (IDI) of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sara began her journey as a massage therapist at Massage Envy Spa in Coral Springs and also worked with a Chiropractor at the Tamarac Physicians Group. She then worked with several massage giants such as Hand and Stone, Elements Massage and Body & Soul Retreat Day Spa. Passionate for serving others and for making a real difference in their lives, Sara has opened her own private spa where she can take pride in offering cutting edge services at affordable prices. As an independent therapist she can formulate a treatment plan that works in the client’s best interest.

Back Story:
In 1995 I suffered from a pinched nerve in my neck due to a muscle spasm that left me bedridden and unable to move. That night I slept with a heating pad on my neck and woke up feeling refreshed, but once I stood up, I realized something was wrong. The muscles in my back and neck relaxed while other muscle groups tightened. Overnight I developed a severe scoliotic curvature in my back and neck. I was then referred to a massage therapist who stabilized my neck and back with a series of treatments. Later, in 2008, I was in a car accident where I suffered from a severe whiplash resulting in both herniated and bulging disks that left me partially paralyzed for 3 days. I was able to avoid long lasting complications and chronic pain through massage. Having personally experienced these traumas has given me a greater understanding of my client’s needs and made my journey as a massage therapist more meaningful.